Special Prices on Clothing, Foam Rollers, Exercise Bands and More!


During the month of May we are selling some of our favorite items at discount prices! Come in and take advantage of this special sale on foam rollers, massage balls, ice packs, clothing, exercise bands and all MaxMuscle Nutrition Supplements! It will help you jump start getting fit for the summer!

Fitness Heroes: Beth Stockstill

Coach Chris Introduces the Glenwood South Slimdown

2014 Weight Loss Contest – Starts January 26th


Get your team together because it’s time to get lean, be seen and maybe even win $1000! Call or come by Personally Fit to sign your team up to participate in the Glenwood South Get Fit Challenge! It’s a great way to start off 2014 – make yourself a priority and make it a year of  good health and well-being!

Holiday Special



Don’t want to go to the Mall? Give the gift of health, longevity and wellness. It’s a gift you can truly feel proud to give your loved ones and genuinely shows how much you care about their well-being.


Amnesty Night Party


Thursday, November 7th – We’re having a party to welcome back those folks who haven’t trained with us in a while at Personally Fit . Bundled packages are available with special pricing. Come back and feel the benefits of a toned and healthier body.

Coach Chris Cares

Check out our brand new vlog series: Coach Chris Cares. Feel free to ask questions and comment!

Functional Fitness Exercises

Coach Chris explains the rationale behind functional fitness and provides instruction on four exercises: the kettlebell swing, row, modified burpie and kettlebell squat.

Outdoor Group Training

Outdoor Group Training

Functional Workouts for all Fitness Levels. Come join our fitness group and get leaner and stronger. Get scheduled today!

Get Fit and Healthy with our Neighborhood Special

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Personally Fit Neighborhood Special

Do you feel frustrated after trying different gyms, classes and diet plans with no lasting results? We can help. We are now offering “Neighbor Special” pricing on packages for individual sessions and group sessions. If you live or work in the neighborhood, come by and let’s get started!