If you are interested in a clean eating plan with none of the prep work, check this out. Personally Fit now offers a great way to help you with your weight loss goals. Personal Trainer Food is a program that is nutritious and delicious! By focusing on routines, you create good habits that last a lifetime.

Chris and Leslye, as well as several of our clients, have ordered and are using this food for convenience and nutrition. And it tastes really good. If you decide to order – enter Mondragon under trainer referral.

We are not licensed dietitians and at no time do we prescribe a specific diet plan. We will offer suggestions and tips, but it is up to each client to choose to incorporate them into their diet regimen. It is recommended for anyone starting a fitness program or suggested eating plan to consult a licensed physician or a licensed dietician. Personally Fit and it’s contractors are not held liable to any claims regarding the suggested exercise and/or eating plans.