Most people think it is easy for those of us who work in the fitness industry to eat right and exercise regularly. Guess what? We are like everybody else and don’t always feel motivated to exercise or make decent nutrition choices.

Three Big Myths of Healthy Living

Myth 1 – You have to be “inspired” to do good habits.
Myth 2 – You should always be “motivated” to do them.
Myth 3 – Fitness “Experts” are always motivated to do them.

Motivation is like passing gas. It comes and goes. People who get the job done, do what they need to do regardless of how they feel.
Successful people develop a Structure,a System and Schedule time to do what they need to do. – The Three “S’s”!

For example, a Structure Might be to go to the gym on the way to work. The System might be to have a morning ritual to prepare your food for the day. And of course Schedule your fitness and nutrition. Just like going to the dentist you book an appointment you don’t just wait until you feel like it.

You may notice the Three “S’s” are just habits!