We’re on the downhill road to Halloween this week and the end of October.

That means we’re getting ready to start the holiday season, which while we love to celebrate, we also recognize it’s a tough time for some to maintain their healthy eating and fitness routines.




Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.–Jim Rohn


I read this week that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes exercise a priority. At age 29, she discovered the Canadian Air Force workout, and she still does the circuit program nearly daily.

And she’s 82!

She works out with a personal trainer, who reports that she has lost no bone density since they began training. Once, he reports, she left a White House dinner early to get to the gym and her training session.

Her reward? Extra push-ups!


How to avoid the Halloween candy curse!

Of course, you have to buy for the neighborhood kids – but how to keep from eating the leftovers? And what if it rains?

Here are a few good strategies:

  • Set it up so your Halloween candy is in your house for as short a time as possible. Don’t buy it on Tuesday – how about Saturday afternoon instead?
  • Did you know you can donate leftover Halloween candy to worthy causes? Many of the shelters will accept candy, and some dentists “buy back” candy by the pound and then donate to support the troops.
  • Make sure you eat your normal healthy menu on Halloween. Being hungry makes it harder to resist sugar!

Just for this week

Start your week off with a workout!

Sometime on Monday, make sure to get some exercise. Come and work out with us, walk around the block a few times, do something to start moving.

And then let Monday carry into Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday.  Starting with a Monday workout really sets a great tone for the week!