We have spent a lot of time talking about goal setting this year and one of the keys to success in achieving your goals is that they must be meaningful to you. If that meaning is important enough to you, it motivates you and causes you to take action.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in your life, overcoming addiction, improving your health, developing better relationships, losing 15 pounds of fat, etc.

Consider and be mindful of your WHY?! Talk to the people who can support you in your goals and make an effort daily toward achieving them.

Our Personally Fit Nutrition Coaching has many tools to help you build the behaviors to succeed at your health and weight loss goals.

We all have limited resources and some of our “goals” are more important than others. For example, it is more important to pay your mortgage or rent than it is to have six-pack abs. If you disagree with that, I’m guessing that workout motivation is not your problem.

At Personally Fit, we work as a team to help you establish realistic health, fitness, and weight loss goals. Only you can really determine if your goal is truly meaningful.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday season and continued success at reaching your goals!