chris five pounds of fat
This is what five pounds of fat looks like!

Like ours, for example!

I have struggled with the battle of the bulge a good part of my life and that is one of the reasons I became a fitness coach – so I could help others along the way. These are some of the biggest lessons I have learned through ongoing education and being in the trenches helping our Personally Fit family. So here is my Top 10 list of ways to achieve success in a weight loss contest – and beyond!

1. Have a reason WHY.
Why do you want to lose weight and get in shape? Something that inspires you even without rah-rah emotions. Learn how to move forward towards that goals with concrete behaviors you know you can succeed at, and then build on that success.

2. If you are not exercising, START.
If you have some physical limitations, move what you can! We prioritize progressive strength training because it builds your metabolism, gives you cardio benefits, improves your health and burns calories. Strength training exercises, combined with some walking or biking, are great tools for long-term success at weight control and health. At Personally Fit, we program our clients for success by meeting them wherever they are in their journey.

3. You have heard us say “You can’t manage what you don’t MEASURE.”
Well, it’s true. If you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, run a mile, etc., you will need to measure these on the scale, with a blood test, and try to walk, and then jog a mile at a time. You have to have a starting place, and then work towards reaching the longer term goals.

4. Related to #3. LOG your eating and exercise behaviors….
….at least for a while until you see a pattern and have a baseline to work from. Interestingly enough, many successful clients find out that some of their nutritional blunders are due to stress and emotional eating. ??

Know what you are feeling before putting something in your mouth. Slow down and enjoy your meal. Try to just eat and relax, rather than text and watch TV. Notice how easy it is to down a bag of popcorn while watching an exciting movie. Try to deal with the negative feelings that you’re experiencing and that tempt you to overeat.

6. Learn the BASICS.
How many calories are in fat, protein, and carbohydrates. What does a proper serving size look like? And you can learn how to cook some basic simple foods!

7. Have somewhere to GO.
Don’t start your fitness and nutrition program super strict. If you start out working out an hour a day and reduce your calories by 100%, you don’t have anywhere to go when you hit a plateau. (You’re not going to be having much fun either!) Your plan needs to be sustainable for the long term. It’s not about being perfect, it’s more about gradual and continuous improvement.

Get help from friends and family so you can get your workouts in. Order pre-made meals that fit your plan if you have a busy schedule. Talk to your Personally Fit coaches for some fitness and nutrition hacks you can use to overcome your limiting factors.

9. Be ACCOUNTABLE to someone.
We are here to help you reach your goals and part of that process is being accountable. Did you get your workout in today? Did you eat breakfast? Have a support group that checks in on you and gently nudges to accomplish what you set out to do.

10. Don’t let a slip become a FALL.
If you had a junk food binge and missed some workouts, well, okay. Don’t punish yourself by quitting or getting super strict with your eating or over-exercise. Forgive yourself, try to figure out what led to your slip and get back on your plan. Consistency is SO MUCH more important than intensity.