I hope everyone was safe and warm during our recent snow days. The snow keeps our kids out of school and us from our places of work. So we’re out of our normal routine.

Did you find ways to get an appropriate workout? Did you prepare and eat healthy meals?

There are a lot of unplanned (good and bad) circumstances and events that can derail your fitness and nutrition plans. It is not a matter of “if” something will happen, it is a matter of when. And there are also ongoing limiting factors that can derail you.

So if you are waiting to start exercising later when life gets easier, it probably won’t happen. LATER often becomes NEVER!

If you don’t have an hour to do workouts, let us teach you to do 15-30 minute workouts that get results. Don’t have time to make breakfast? Prepare it when you make dinner the day before.

You don’t have to have a perfect plan to have success; health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a program.

If you have not figured out how to make lifestyle changes that stick, contact the staff at Personally Fit and let us help you to get fit for good!

Personally Fit offers:
• One-on-One training
• Couples training
• Small Group and Youth Sports Conditioning programs
• Nutrition Coaching
How can we help you reach your health and fitness goals?


New Youth/Sports Conditioning classes forming now! Here’s a testimonial from the father of soccer star Adria:

“Off season workouts seemed to be a good incentive to begin strength training workouts with my 12 year old soccer player at Personally Fit. Not only has she had great physical success over the last 8 weeks, but we have both found something else, a sense of community.

The staff makes sure my daughter’s workout is right for her. They provide great encouragement and affirmation for the hard work she puts in and she has seen gains. More importantly, she feels better about herself, and more confident taking the soccer field this spring.”