Just a short note this week as the monthly newsletter comes out today as well!

2-3 weekly bouts of strength training can help reduce body fat, improve bone density, and control blood pressure and cholesterol, according to a recent review of studies. This has always been the foundation of our fitness programming at Personally Fit!

Get strong, get fit! What are you waiting for?

Chris and The Personally Fit Team


We love testimonials from our clients!

“Hey, I’m Will Clark, a former two-time State champ for Cary High School and a current NC State Wrestler.

I was able to lose weight and get stronger in a healthy way through the specialized workouts Personally Fit designed for me and only me.

The workouts were great but I highly recommend the place due to the family aspect you get here. No gym you can find greets their customers with a big hug and smile as soon as you come through the door. They will check up on you even outside the gym and will talk to you about life in general.

I think Personally Fit is as good as any place for anyone who wants to lose weight and/or get stronger while gaining a family in the process!”