goals2People who reach their goals write them down and commit to reaching them. Having a large goal can sometimes seem daunting, overwhelming, even unreachable.

However, successful people break down the process into smaller steps making them into little tasks they can do every day – small habits that get them closer to reaching that goal.

Often people never reach their goal because they never establish the little habits. Why? Often because the behaviors seem so easy.

But that’s the point….and the fact that they are easy is what gives you a good path to success. Slowly develop small habits that do not require white-knuckle will power to establish. But these small behaviors add up and because they’re easy, you know you can succeed at them even on days that fall apart.

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Here’s a great recipe for a lean Eggs Benedict! (This is an Australian recipe, so the 80g of spinach it calls for is equal to about 3 oz. and a “punnet” of grape tomatoes means a small basket!)