IMG952249Summer is a time when the focus is often on kids – they’re out of school, maybe taking part in camps or other formal activities. And they may be in couch potato mode, when all they want to do is play video games!

As parents, we always want the best for our children, and so we often try to encourage our kids towards healthy choices in exercise and nutrition.

Guess what? You can’t force a lifestyle of fitness on your children any more than you can dictate that they like a certain kind of music, or enjoy a specific genre of books.

But what you can do is give your kids as many options as possible to choose a healthy lifestyle. From formal exercise to healthy eating, and really, just incorporating some movement into everyday life, you do what you can to set them up for success.

And it’s not just the exercising that provides benefits. For kids, formal fitness programs also teach them social skills and can improve self-esteem.

Will they always choose fitness? Maybe not, but at least if they learn how to exercise properly, safely, and effectively, you’re giving them their best shot to make fitness a part of their life forever.

And you don’t have to do it all yourself! At Personally Fit, we offer Youth/Sports Conditioning classes year round. We take a positive approach to fitness and have been honored to work with a lot of your kids already!

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