Most of you know that we are big fans of progressive strength training, which is a fairly simple concept: force your muscles to do more over time.

And I was thinking about how that concept also applies to other lifestyle goals, losing weight, for example. If you make smart, small changes – consistently – over time, you will see results.  Big progress, little progress, any forward momentum works to building new habits that, implemented consistently, are your key to fitness success.

One of the strategies I worked on with the  Summer Challenge 2016 group was to stay solution-focused rather than problem-focused. I think it’s another way of asking if the glass is half empty or half full?

Focusing on the problems, the goal you didn’t reach, the less-than-optimum food choice you made over the weekend, creates a mindset that is not good for progress. In fact, I think this phenomenon actually creates more problems for us, because 1) we didn’t get done something we wanted to do, and 2) we beat ourselves up over it.

But this is not your path!

Focus on what did get done, the good choices you made, the tiniest amount of forward motion you can find.

My recent pull-up challenge – I used each day to propel me to my next milestone.

Sometimes you gotta dig, I admit. But being focused on what went right, being solution-focused rather than problem-focused is such a key contributing factor to finding the energy, the determination to move ahead towards your goals.

Let us help you become solution-focused so you can get the results you want…

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