It’s strange how many people plan to get into shape but are not able to stick to a plan long enough to succeed and start enjoying the process.

But think about it! If you are driving to D.C. and miss a turn, you don’t just quit and come home, do you? Unfortunately, many people do this with their fitness program.

I certainly understand that is easy to get side tracked by all the “quick fixes” and “fads” that are marketed and for instant results with little effort. Yikes!

And it is easy to let life’s blessings and responsibilities get in the way of our success. Unfortunately, too many of us measure success by the scale or the ability to do 20 push-ups. And that’s not who you are!!!

Honestly, so many of you are seeing success. Some of you make time for exercise even when you travel – something that would have been unheard of when you first came to Personally Fit!

chicken-quesadillas-ck-1160667-xOthers have started cooking your own meals regularly, when before you ate out at fast food restaurants. Our clients are scheduling and keeping their fitness appointments even with their busy schedules. And a lot of you are noticing that your clothes fit better, you sleep better, and you can do more physical activities like hiking or yard work with ease.

If you have become sidetracked, let’s figure out together what happened and how you can avoid that again by making a plan on how to overcome whatever the limiting factor that stopped you last time so it won’t stop you next time.

What other ways are you succeeding and overcoming your obstacles that have sidetracked you in the past? Let us know so we can help each other. Let’s talk!