footballHi, Team!

If it’s fall, it’s football. Whenever I get the chance to watch my favorite team (the one whose colors are orange and navy), I often see parallels to the health and fitness challenges so many of us face.

So as we start the fall football season, I want to remind you to stay in the game. You don’t always have to punt if it is fourth and one yard to go…

Go for it! Football is still about the basics: blocking and tackling. Don’t get sidetracked with “trick” plays (diet and exercise fads).

For us, the basics are strength training, daily activity and focusing on eating more unprocessed food, and getting in enough sleep. (Here’s a great article on why sleep is so important.)

Proper strength training will condition your body, work your heart and lungs, make you stronger, and help you look and feel your best.

With all due respect to our friend Garfield, here is a new acronym for DIET – Did I Eat Today?

Prioritize whole unprocessed foods. For protein, that means eggs, chicken, fish, beef, beans, and lentils.
Include plenty of fibrous veggies, fruits, and some healthy fats, like almonds and avocados.

When your prioritize these foods at each meal, it is satisfying, energizing, and healthy – which makes it easier to defend against junk food cravings.

Also, if a play is not working, try something else. For example, I often hear this: “I have to go all out with my workouts and dieting, but then life tackles me and I quit.” How about a consistent game plan that is not fanatical, a plan you can stick to. Talk to your coaches at Personally Fit and let us help you.

Last, but not least, football is a team game and has cheerleaders. Ask your teammates – family, friends, and colleagues – to support and join your efforts. And find ways to celebrate and cheer your successes. A missed play (either in a workout or bad food choice) does not determine the season!

Pick yourself up and notice the cheerleaders in your life are still cheering! We believe in you at Personally Fit and want to help you score and win the game!

So here’s our game plan this fall:
• Focus on the basics
• Be consistent
• Listen
• Let your team help you

Go Team!

Coach Chris