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Football play strategy drwan out on a chalk board
Football play strategy drwan out on a chalk board

Last week we spoke about winning football being all about the basics: blocking and tackling. So if you are doing the basics and still have a hard time scoring? Maybe you are fumbling the ball or getting penalized, stopping your drive.

For example, you get your workout in and eat clean all day but pig-out on junk food after dinner…yikes, you fumbled the ball.

Make it easier to hold on to the ball. If you have junk food in the house, make it difficult to get to.
• Keep it in a cabinet out of the way.
• Put it in single serving containers.

Also, keep yourself from being penalized and eating too much.
• Serve your dinner from the counter not family style.
• Serve your meal on slightly smaller dinner plates.
Eating out for lunch or dinner? Choose a table that is closer to the windows and in brighter light. In the dark, we tend to eat more. This is an easy game plan to help avoid over-eating.

Last, but not least, do not leave crackers and cereal on the counter. People who keep cereal out on the counter are statistically heavier than others.
• Stay focused on the basics.
• Prepare to hold onto the ball and not get penalized by developing easy strategies to avoid junk food and overeating.
• Stay in the game!

I want to challenge you this fall to make some changes in your fitness program! Here’s my goal that I’m workig towards over the next couple of months: 1000 pounds lifted in 3 exercises: deadlift, squat, bench press. It’s a lot!

How do you want to challenge yourself? Some ideas:
• 100 kettlebell swings
• 30 pushups
• Keep a food journal
• Lose 2% body fat
We can help you set some goals – talk to us!