cakeNever say never! Cookies, cake, beer, and bagels are not “off” your low carb or low calorie diet. It’s just “not now” time.

Experience teaches us this: If I tell you that all your dreams will come true if you simply stop eating rutabaga, I promise you I know what’s going to happen next.

And I’m not a prophet – I’m a coach! You may never have eaten a rutabaga in your life but from now on, you are going to crave, demand, and insist upon rutabaga. Change rutabagas to anything you like, but know this truth about human nature: not now, later.

Whatever it is you need to put off in terms of diet, time, or short-term pain and discomfort, you need to remind yourself that “soon and very soon,” you can have that taste you’re craving. Funny thing, though – that day may never come. Cravings do go away over time when not satisfied.