At 54, it’s been a while since Coach Chris has done a powerlift challenge. “We always talk about goal setting at Personally Fit,” he says, “and if I want my clients to stretch themselves, I have to lead by example.”

Coach Chris has competed in 2 powerlifting meets that use the three lifts he chose for this challenge. “I was 17 and 23 years old then,” he says. “So yes, it’s been a few years – and I totaled 1130 then. So I have not tried maximum singles in any lifts for 30 years. It was a great challenge and to be safe was crucial.”

So the three moves demonstrated in these videos are squat, bench press, and deadlift. Final totals for Coach Chris were: 365 squat, 225 bench press, and 425 deadlift.

Good job, Coach – an inspiration! 




Coach’s next goal: To lose the 10-15 pounds that have been “hanging around” for the last 3 years – stay tuned!

What goal can you set for yourself that you can easily accomplish? Remember, we want to complete small goals that can become habits!