So it’s the week before Christmas and 70 degrees in North Carolina, so certainly not a Christmas winter feel like I got used to growing up in Colorado. But we had such a great day at the gym that it really has put me in the spirit of the holiday.

Those of us in the fitness industry got into this career because we love it. Most of us love people, and want them to be healthy, to enjoy the many benefits that we know come from being fit. We struggle along with our clients when they don’t reach their goals, and we are happy when they do.

I don’t know what it was exactly about this day that made it so special. It may have started on Friday when we had a great holiday dress-up outfit from our client Todd, and Coach Dawn got into the spirit of the season as well (shown with Coach David and another great client, Sandy).

christmas2 christmas1

IMG_0191Saturday started off with our client David, who literally kicked his own butt on his birthday!








Then we had a special visit from our friends Hannah and Lucas who both use motorized wheel chairs. We have been working with David for about a year and Hannah for several months now, and they are such a joy to be around. They work hard in the gym and although they have to overcome some challenges most of us don’t face, they have similar goals for being fit and getting stronger and looking good! We’re honored to get to work with them.

IMG950656 IMG_0654

Finally, I got to work with some wrestlers which is always fun and inspiring for me. (Hey, I look like Al Pacino in that last shot, don’t you think?)

IMG_0193 IMG_0192 IMG_0194

By the end of the day, Dawn, David, and I all agreed it had been a particularly great day.

And it really kick-started my Christmas spirit up a notch or two! We are so grateful to get to serve our clients day-in and day-out, watch their progress, and cheer their successes. We will be there for you on wonderful days like this one, as well as the bleaker days when it seems like nothing is right. You are our mission, your goals are our goals, and if you work out with us, you really become part of our family (our slightly dysfunctional, but always loving, family).

From all of us at Personally Fit, we hope your holidays are bright and joyous!