During the period between Christmas and New Year’s, I often like to reflect on the past year and look towards the upcoming one. Of course, we’ve got a new baby in the family, so I’m a little out of my routine!

I would encourage you to think about your health and fitness over the last year. Not in a judgmental way, but simply fact-based. No pressure for resolutions, just an overall review of what you got done this year, and what you’d like to accomplish next year.

Do you weigh more or less than you did last year? What healthy eating habits did you start and maintain over the last year? Have you managed to work out a regular exercise schedule?

Then I would challenge you to just pick one key goal to focus on for 2017. No planning or strategy yet – just think about it. Think about why it’s important to you, how you’ll feel when it’s an accomplished goal, and what you’re willing to change to reach it.

That’s it – nice and easy! We’ll talk more about putting this goal into action next week. Of course, If you’re really ambitious, you can start thinking about your team for the 2017 Glenwood South Slimdown!

We wish you the happiest of New Year’s!