I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl this Sunday and I realized our most hated rival at Personally Fit is Excessive Body Fat and his notorious teammates – Bad Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.

And the truth is the chances of defeating body fat once and for all are not good. That’s right, as a team, our fat loss quarterback rating is only ok.

Why did your last attempt at losing weight send you back to the sideline with nothing to show for it?

Some coaches may tell you, “You are not tough enough.” I disagree. If you’re on our Personally Fit team, you’re definitely tough enough! I know, because I’ve seen you work out.

I believe in the right basics (blocking and tackling) and good fundamentals such as resistance training two to three times a week to build your metabolism, combined with healthy amounts of animal proteins, plenty of fibrous vegetables, some fruit, good fats, and plenty of H2O.

This is in-the-trenches work that does not get media attention, but is so crucial for success. Many players lose site of these basic fundamentals in search of a wild trick play (i.e. Koo Koo Berry juice mentioned by Dr. Oz).

We stick with the basics that are proven to get the job done and as coaches at Personally Fit, we study the game film that gives you the best odds of succeeding and the plays that work with your lifestyle.