This is the second week of March and so many people have given up on their New Years resolution for fitness and weight loss. People always tell me they know what to do and can’t explain why they aren’t doing it.

Also, I often get asked “What is the best supplement to lose weight? Does protein give you energy? Should I do a low carb diet?” and other similar questions.

The people who usually ask me these questions are not actively trying to eat healthy or get regular exercise. And I understand because a large percentage of the U.S population is de-conditioned, over fat or obese! And the fitness and weight loss industry loves to offer the latest and greatest gizmo or fad diet! YIKES!.

At Personally Fit we are always open to learn something new but consistently offer science based solutions to our clients. For example, why eating more protein and fibrous veggies are important, and how proper strength training is the best way to exercise to get lean. For our Personally Fit clients who do this consistently they are getting the results they are after.

If you are not exercising or not getting the results you desire, contact us at 919-832-8484 and let us help you get a better workout, eat better, and manage stress.

We teach you how to do this for ever! This needs to be done when you have the time and especially when you don’t. Because life happens!

Remember “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.”