The Personally Fit staff and Coach Chris want to thank all of our clients for being part of the PFit family.

This time of year gets busy, but we wanted to send all of you best wishes and hopes for the holidays and the New Year.

This has been a great year for many of us, with new children and grandchildren arriving, and some of us becoming empty nesters!

And of course, we have seen hardships this year as well. We miss a Weight Loss Challenge regular, my friend Barry Woodhouse, and a longtime customer and friend in David Witt.

I am encouraged how many of you have not just learned how to eat better, but have applied that knowledge to make it part of your lifestyle. You have lost weight, improved your health and look great. Keep it up!

We always have some good laughs at Personally Fit and we plan on continuing to. Our hope for all of you is that you can slow down enough to enjoy how far all of you have come.

Slow down to enjoy the blessings you have. Slow down enough to be a blessing to the people in your inner circle and maybe most importantly, slow down enough to let yourself be blessed by the people around you.

It is okay to accept other people’s graciousness. During this time, be your own best friend.

We look forward to the upcoming year with excitement and gratitude.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Coach Chris and
The Personally Fit Team