Managing stress, eating healthier, and exercising the right way are all great ways to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Here are some specific strategies:
1. Don’t eat in the evening.
Research shows that taking an 11-to-12 hour break from food is good for the heart and digestive system. So if you eat breakfast at 7AM, consider your kitchen closed after 7 or 8 PM. (Note: Not all 11-to-12 hour break periods are the same. Snacking at night and then then skipping breakfast can actually increase your risk of heart attack.)

2. Savor the first three bites of everything you eat.
If you eat too fast, you tend to overeat. If you can’t practice mindful eating for an entire meal, try to focus on truly enjoying the first three mouthfuls. Give the food your undivided attention and you will end up eating less.

We will have more tips throughout this month, but let me say this. Eleven months ago, we lost our good friend Barry Woodhouse, who died suddenly from a heart attack.

Please don’t become a statistic.

Do everything you can to protect your heart. Play good defense – like the Broncos – and you, too, can come out a winner!