Many people start a nutrition and or exercise program without planning and anticipating what could get in the way of their success. For example, “I am going to the gym for my workouts after work.” As you plan, you forgot that you need to pick up your kids from Day Care that day. Or they chose to eat better but do not know how to cook or shop at the grocery store (believe me there are plenty of people that fall into this category). You may want to plan a workout on days you have an open or flexible time slot. Have someone go to the grocery store with you to learn your way around and teach you how to cook simple and healthy meals.

Do you have a strategy to stick to your healthy eating plan when you are invited to a party or go out to eat? Is the party host serving food? What food are they serving? Maybe, you need to eat before or after the party or bring something healthy to share. If you’re eating out help pick the location or look ahead at the menu.

Time is the most common reason people say they can’t work out. Do you know how to get an effective, safe workout in 30 minutes? Do you schedule your workouts on your calendar like any other important meeting? Do you have social support from your Coach, family, and friends to encourage you as you try to develop a healthy lifestyle? For example, your spouse and family members do not bring junk food home to tempt you. They offer to make a healthy meal or stock your fridge with fresh protein, veggies, and fruit. They may meet you at the gym or go for a regular walk after dinner.

Exercising and eating better is a lot more than “move more and eat less”. At Personally Fit we can help you to “Anticipate, Plan and Strategize in order to be successful!