Who has not seen some of the infomercials that will ramp up this week and into the New Year? They promise easy, instant results!

“The Magic Booty Belt changed my life!”
“I used the Flab Blaster for two weeks and went from a size 12 to a size 6!”
“With just two capsules of Fat Off, I lost 15 lbs.
in my sleep!”

Yikes, being trim, fit and healthy takes more than that.

I often hear, “I know how to exercise. I just don’t do it.” Or “I eat healthy,” yet the person telling me this is still overweight with high cholesterol.

At Personally Fit, we want to help you not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk, and apply that knowledge to long-term sustainable Fitness and Nutrition habits.

Habits that won’t only tone you up but that improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, strengthen your bones, lower your cancer risk and improve your mood.

If you have not worked out with us before, come give us the opportunity to earn your business.

If you have been part of the Personally Fit family in the past, come on back to us for 4-6 weeks to get a tune-up.

And for the Personally Fit client that has been consistent this past year and seen results, the best gift you can give us is tell your friends and family about Personally Fit.


“He sees you when you’re running. 
He knows when you lift weights.”


Although it may be difficult to schedule your workouts in the midst of family visits, why not plan some holiday exercise that includes all the relatives, young and old?

Take a walk through a park with holiday lights and decorations. Go caroling through your neighborhood.

If you’re somewhere that has snow, a little sledding burns a lot more calories than you might think. And of course, skiing is a great exercise.

You get quality time with the family plus you’ll keep your energy up and your fitness goals on track!


If you usually have a big meal on Christmas Day, here’s a great way to prevent overeating.

Have a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning so you don’t arrive ravenous to the Christmas feast.

Two eggs with some spinach, mushroom, and tomatoes, plus some toast, will set you up nicely for the day!

Here’s another good tip: Use a spoon to serve your gravy, don’t just tip it from the gravy boat!

Finally, eat what you like, but just watch your portions. Keep starchy veggies – especially potatoes and corn – to just a quarter of your plate. Fill the rest with non-starchy vegetables and some good protein.

And enjoy!

Just for this week

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, take a little time for yourself to celebrate your fitness successes this year. You’ve worked hard, made it to the gym on days when you didn’t feel like it, and listened to our suggestions for improving your nutrition.

We’re thankful for you – our clients and friends – as we gather to celebrate Christmas.

What can you celebrate and give thanks for this week?