Coach Chris giving his top eight health and fitness tips

Coach Chris has many tips for your health and fitness goals.  Here are his top 8:
  1. Decide you are worth it and are going to make time for yourself.
  2. Schedule your exercise like you would any other important appointment.
  3. Anticipate, Plan, and Strategize to overcome any likely challenge that has kept you from succeeding in the past.
  4. Recruit your team. Hire a Fitness Coach. Talk to your friends and family about how they can support you.
  5. Change your environment. Get rid of processed foods that sabotage your fitness and weight loss efforts. “If it is in the house, it is in the mouth.”
  6. Choose one easy behavior that you know would help your effort and work at it for a month until it becomes a habit. Once you have success with that behavior then choose another easy behavior to work on. Examples of behaviors to target: Eat a protein-rich breakfast every morning, drink more water each day, sleep 7-8 hours per night or eat more vegetables and fruits.
  7. Make things simple, easy, and convenient for you to succeed. For example, keep your gym bag always packed and ready to go and have plenty of food choices already purchased, prepared, or easy to prepare at the beginning of the week.
  8. Recognize and celebrate your small victories along the way.


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