Dawn Skelton


When I was a young child, I couldn’t see well, and had horrible balance, and I was very uncoordinated. By age 10, I had started exercising, regular gymnastics, softball and cheerleading.

In middle school, I added running and playing basketball, and was steadily becoming more athletic. This was despite how fast I was growing, and gangly long limbs. My confidence was also growing with continual exercise

When I got to high school I tried out and participated in 4 sports- and also added weight training. My athletic ability continued to improve even though I was never the star of any team. My confidence continued to soar and my love of fitness and exercise continued through college.

I continue to run, and I taught numerous aerobics classes in my 20’s and 30’s, and I did a few sprint triathlons, continued running, and started personal training.

After having kids and starting to feel a little pain in my knees, I dropped running and started weight lifting more.

Between the ages of 40, and 45 I competed in several bodybuilding competitions and I feel that I will continue to lift and eat well so that I can compete in my 50’s.
Dawn Skelton
B.A. Chemistry and Biology, West Georgia College, 1988-1992
American College of Sports Medicine 1995 – Present


Coach Dawn