Leslye Mondragon

I was always the smallest kid my age which made it difficult to compete with my peers, but I loved physical activity and worked hard to be the best I could be at ballet, golf, field hockey, and competative swimming. By the age of twelve, I focused solely on golf. In high school I was the MVP and Team Captain of the boy’s golf team. My hard work and dedication was rewarded when I became the first female golfer to receive a full-ride scholarship to North Carolina State University. In college, I met my husband Chris, who was a wrestler and loved strength training. I began working out with Chris and quickly learned to love what it did for me: I got stronger, more toned, and lost body fat. Strength training helped my golf game and overall health and I was written up in Golf Digest Magazine twice and Sports Illustrated “Faces in the Crowd.” Not long after I got married I found out that I had Multiple Sclerosis. Staying fit has helped me manage my M.S. which is not limiting my activities at all.

Today I work with Chris and we have a wonderful business together. I also play golf regulalry and frequently compete in golf tournaments. Helping women understand that they deserve to take care of themselves and to love themselves is extremely important to me. I teach them that a healthy lifestyle, working out and good nutrition should not be a stressor; It’s a gift and they deserve it. If you don’t take care of yourself first you are not able to care for others very well. Strength training and good nutrition have done amazing things for me and I want to help you attain the same benefits.


Personally Fit Individualized Training Inc.- Co-Founder, Vice-President,
CFO, 1994 – Present
Member Board of Governors, Devils Ridge Golf Club, Holly Springs, NC 2020 –
Glaxo Inc. Pharmaceutical – Fleet Administrator, 1986-1993


B.A. Economics & Business Management, North Carolina State University,
American Council on Exercise, Personal Trainer Certification, 2002 –
Red Cross CPR, 2002 – Present


Full Athletic Golf Scholarship, North Carolina State University, 1982-1986
Sports Illustrated, Faces in the Crowd, December 13, 1982
Golf Digest Magazine, August 1982