At Personally Fit, we really want to be your Health Club. Not just a place to slim down, tone up, and break a sweat, but a place and resource that helps you lower cholesterol, improve your blood sugar, manage your blood pressure, strengthen your bones.

Overall, we just want to make your life easier because you’re stronger and in better shape. And yes, look and feel good about yourself!

Many of the PFit family have reached the same health and fitness goals you’re striving towards. Learn from them to create long term health habits; recognize that habits need to be something you can do most of the time and not something you’re just tolerating.

As an example, eating a healthy breakfast of a couple of eggs, whole grain toast, and a serving of fruit. Or walking 10 minutes before or after lunch. Not too hard, right?

Listen, going on a fitness and nutrition program is hopefully a series of progressive lifetime habits. And honestly, working out regularly does make us all feel better. Regularly eating eggs, chicken, fish, beef, plenty of vegetables, some fruit and whole grains taste great and make you feel satisfied and energetic. Spice up your meals with natural flavorings!

If you have not been with us for a while, don’t wait. Later too often becomes Never.

Be good to yourselves and your loved ones over the holidays and take of yourselves!


“If I put inferior foods in my body today,I’m going to be inferior tomorrow. It is that simple.” – Jack La Lanne


It’s tempting to stop exercising during the holiday season. But I want to encourage you to resist this temptation for these reasons:

1) Endorphins are our friend! Remember, even “positive stress” like visiting family or having the kids out of school – is still stress. Exercise makes you feel good.

2) It’s so much harder to start your exercise program up again once you’ve had 2-3 weeks off. Remember all the good work you’ve done this fall to get into the gym on a regular basis, and build on that to finish the year strong!

3) Regular exercise is so helpful for good sleep. And not sleeping well colors everything you do while awake. Or as someone once told me, “Without enough sleep, we are all tall 2-year olds.”

How can we help you keep your exercise on track this month? We’re here for you….


Here’s how to keep your eating under control at your holiday events and parties. Think of your food plan as an expense account.

You have a set number of calories you can “spend.” It’s up to you spend those calories among drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

Give yourself permission to enjoy some of your favorite tastes – just in moderation!

Just for this week

Remember what’s important during this time of year. Even though parties and celebrations are fun, they can still sometimes feel like obligations. Even though you’re happy to spend time with friends and family, traveling can be stressful.

So just for this week, treat yourself well! Don’t overextend yourself. You don’t have to do everything; if you want to skip an event or party this week, do so.

Take care of yourself!