You can’t escape the media barrage on the importance of exercise and eating healthier. However, many of us do not have the skills and practices to succeed.

At Personally Fit, we want you to know that you don’t have to think a lot about the making long-term changes. In other words, focusing on less can help you achieve more! When exercising and eating become over-complicated, we are more likely to give up and fall back on our old habits.

Research shows that being able to stick with a dietary approach is the primary factor strongly associated with weight loss, regardless of ideology (e.g., low fat, low carb, Weight Watchers, etc.). Most important, it must be sustainable!

So what’s the answer? Instead of counting calories, there is an easier way to keep track of your serving sizes…by using your hands! According to Brian St. Pierre, MS, a professional fitness coach, you can do the following when portioning your food:

  • Proteins – fit in the palm of your hand
  • Vegetables – the size of your fist
  • Carbohydrates – fit in your cupped hand
  • Fats – the portion as large as your thumb

That’s it! So give yourself a hand…and eat the right portions every day!