Mostly, I want to ask them this: Are you into feeling better? Into good numbers for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol? Are you into having an easier life on a day to day basis?

Although we mostly think of exercise and healthy eating in terms of losing weight or being able to run a road race, but there are a ton of other benefits as well (pun intended).

What Personally Fit does is offer you accountability in reaching your goals in small, sustainable steps that are less stressful to maintain and don’t depend on white-knuckle willpower for success. We’re looking for habits that can last a lifetime.

The truth is once you acquire a taste for feeling good, being able to run around with children and grandchildren, and get through the day with ease, exercise and healthy eating become their own rewards.

PS – Exercise loves you!



We welcome back John this week from his trip to France! We missed him…

IMG_0234And David has just completed certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in January, so we’re proud of him, too.

David’s focus is on Body Transformation and Physique Transformation, so if you’re looking for help in those areas, he’s your guy. See the photo – I think he might have some knowledge in those areas, don’t you?