Here’s what 5 pounds of fat looks like. david with 5 pounds of fat
(David is demonstrating 5 pounds of muscle!)

Did you know that by mid-January, many people have already given up on resolutions for getting into shape?

You may have the knowledge to know what to do, but if you’re not doing it, you won’t reach your goals. Let the Personally Fit coaches help you put new strategies into practice to get you where you want to be.

And there’s still time to join our annual weight loss challenge, the 2016 Glenwood South Slimdown. You can weigh in all week up through Saturday to participate. Come join us!


Some kind words from two of our clients:
Jane Vander Velde and Roger Walsh.

“We moved to Raleigh a year ago and received a referral to Personally Fit. We thought we were in reasonable shape, having been at a local gym for the prior year with a personal trainer. We were interested in strength and core training, plus some cardio.

It has been amazing to see the difference in the both of us, especially at our age, that we hadn’t noticed from our prior year. Chris Coach, David, and John continue to challenge us with different routines to keep us interested and for use of different muscle groups.

We’re stronger, have better posture and more stamina, just after this first year. And they made us feel like part of the family with their personal care and attention. We have also appreciated the nutrition advice.”