Nutrition Coaching

When you were in school, you may have been taught the food pyramid, or perhaps you weren’t taught anything.  

Do you know the difference between Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats?  Do you know how many of each of the main macronutrients you should be eating each day for optimal nutrition?  

Most people didn’t get this education in school, and frankly our knowledge of nutrition, and the studies that go along with it have changed radically in the last few decades.  

We can help you decide if you should try the latest diets, or stick with something that is a bit more evidence backed. 

Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be a huge mystery, but if you were raised by the Paula Dean School of cooking, you might think that a “pat” of butter is about a quarter pound, and that everyone needs a good peach cobbler at least once a week. 

Maybe sweets aren’t your downfall, but knowing what meals you can make that are healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare for an active family on the go.  

We can help with that.  We work with busy families, professionals, and retirees (who are more busy than ever) with easy, nutritious choices in the kitchen that support their new lifestyles.  

Grocery Lists

Good nutrition starts with a good grocery list, but if you are overhauling your lifestyle, and learning what to buy, and not buy, the labels in the store can be overwhelming to say the least.  

We can teach you how to take the stress out of grocery lists, and grocery shopping and help you find the most nutritious foods available, that work for you, and your family, and your lifestyle.