Most of our Personally Fit clients come to us to get healthier, lose weight, or both. And far too many of them don’t eat breakfast, or just have a cup of coffee in the morning.

There are a lot of studies – and you’ve probably read them yourself – that point out that breakfast is important for health, weight loss, and overall performance.  But for me, and on a practical basis, eating meals on a regular schedule is one of the keys to weight control.

“But Coach, I get hungry if I eat breakfast.” Yes, because if your metabolism is sluggish in the morning, it revs up when you eat. So if you don’t eat, you may not be hungry BUT you also won’t be burning calories like you would if you ate a protein rich breakfast.

People eating a protein-rich breakfast like eggs with the same calories as cereal or bagel lose more fat. And even if foods have the same amount of calories, they are not equal!

I like to go with this idea: Fuel during the day and diet at night. If you get in a good breakfast with protein before the day gets going, you have fueled yourself for a busy day!