College students are already back in school, and Wake County goes back next week. And it’s only going to be in the high 80s for most of this week, and not the high 90s!

Many people experience an end-of-summer slump in terms of workouts. As we talked about last week, it may be that you had goals that you set at the beginning of summer that you didn’t quite meet. Or it could be that your summer “great-outdoors-workouts” are now tempered by thoughts of chillier temps.

Plan now for ways to stay active this fall before it gets too cold. Go apple picking, plan a trip to go hiking in the fall foliage. What other ways can you enjoy the outdoors as the weather begins to change?

And look, this is another example of the importance of mindset in reaching health and fitness goals. Reframing what could be a less-than-optimum moment – “summer is ending” – into one that keeps you on the path – “what fun things can I do this fall?” – is key to continually moving forward.

resetI liked the RESET button so much last week that I’m going to call on it again! We are resetting from summer towards fall, remembering that working out is a gift we give ourselves because we’re worth it. And if you haven’t believed that before, it’s time to….

How can we help you transition to fall with fitness goals strengthened? Let’s talk!