Coach Chris

Chris Mondragon

I have been a Fitness Coach for over 34 years. As the youngest of 8 siblings I came late to physical activity and sports as I had rheumatic fever and had to limit my activity for 3+ years. I became “husky” during that period. It was easy to eat with my grandma at home and I’m sure I used food to deal with boredom, loneliness, angst, etc.… I slimmed down during the summer of 6th grade and went into 7th grade fit and able to participate in sports. I excelled at football, wrestling and track in junior high. I enjoyed the gratification and positive feedback from coaches who could see that I tried to outwork everyone in practice. By the end of 7th grade I was bigger and stronger than most of my peers. I think I took it for granted that I would stay slim without having to work at it. However, by my junior year in high school I over trained and crash dieted to make weight in wresting. To wrestle 138lbs (I hadn’t weighed that since I was 13 years old) I had to lose 25lbs, the last 10lbs by eating and drinking very little causing perpetual dehydration which decreased my ability to perform athletically. After losing in the state finals I binged for weeks to take away the sting of losing and the feeling of deprivation I felt during the wrestling season. A month later I was over 200lbs. Yikes!
A that point I had been a State Wrestling Champion and a Runner-Up and decided I needed to learn more about proper fitness and nutrition. I read every fitness book I could find and talked to other athletes who were taking good care of themselves as well as picking the brains of health professionals I knew. I shared my knowledge with anyone who was interested and along the way I helped a lot of my teammates make weight properly and develop safe, effective workout programs. Now 40 years later I continue to hone my skills and offer safe and effective exercise programs and sound nutritional advice. More importantly, we at Personally Fit have learned how to help our clients overcome the barriers that have held them back in the past. This is done through pre-planning to overcome unexpected setbacks, eating slower, developing diet guidelines to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day and developing  habits to improve quality of sleep. I take great satisfaction that so many people let us be part of their fitness weight loss journey.

Coach Leslye

Leslye Mondragon

I was always the smallest kid my age which made it difficult  to compete with my peers, but I loved physical activity and worked hard to be the best I could be at ballet, golf, field hockey, and competative swimming. By the age of twelve, I focused solely on golf. In high school I was the MVP and Team Captain of the boy’s golf team. My hard work and dedication was rewarded when I  became the first female golfer to receive a full-ride scholarship to North Carolina State University. In college, I met my husband Chris, who was a wrestler and loved strength training. I began working out with Chris and quickly learned to love what it did for me: I got stronger, more toned, and lost body fat. Strenght training helped my golf game and overall health and I was written up in Golf Digest Magazine twice and Sports Illustrated “Faces in the Crowd.” Not long after I got married I found out that I had Multiple Sclerosis. Staying fit has helped me manage my M.S. which is not limiting my activities at all. Today I work with Chris and we have a wonderful business together. I also play golf regulary and frequently compete in golf tournaments. Helping women understand that they deserve to take care of themselves and to love themselves is extremely important to me. I teach them that a healthy lifestyle, working out and good nutrition should not be a stressor; It’s a gift and they deserve it. If you don’t take care of yourself first you are not able to care for others very well. Strength training and good nutrition have done amazing things for me and I want to help you attain the same benefits.

Coach Dawn

Dawn Skelton

When I was a young child, I couldn’t see well, and had horrible balance, and I was very uncoordinated.
By age 10, I had started exercising, regular gymnastics, softball and cheerleading.  
In middle school, I added running and playing basketball, and was steadily becoming more athletic.  This was despite how fast I was growing, and gangly long limbs.  My confidence was also growing with continual exercise.  
When I got to high school I tried out and participated in 4 sports- and also added weight training.   My athletic ability continued to improve even though I was never the star of any team.  My confidence continued to soar and my love of fitness and exercise continued through college.  
I continue to run, and I taught numerous aerobics classes in my 20’s and 30’s, and I did a few sprint triathlons, continued running, and started personal training.  
After having kids and starting to feel a little pain in my knees, I dropped running and started weight lifting more. 
Between the ages of 40, and 45 I competed in several bodybuilding competitions and I feel that I will continue to lift and eeat well so that I can compete in my 50’s. 

Coach Ashley

Ashley Stuart

I grew up in the Bahamas and was the youngest of five kids. In our free time, my siblings and I used to swim, fish and play backyard baseball. I learned how to cook from my mother and grandmother who enjoyed cooking the fish we caught for family meals.
Baseball was my favorite sport. I excelled as a pitcher and was named to the All-Star Team by age 11. A few years later, I was proud to represent the Bahamas on the National Baseball Team and was named MVP for pitching in the championship game with 9 strike-outs and only 4 hits.
I got a baseball scholarship to high school in The States. I went to live with my Aunt so that I could attend Olympia High School in Orlando, FL. Baseball also put me through college at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC where I was team captain and received my BS degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Business Management.
I started coaching baseball at age 16 and discovered that I really enjoy mentoring kids. I took the 13U Bahamas National Baseball Team to the Caribbean World Series where we won the gold medal and the Little League World Series where we won the bronze medal. My coaching these days occurs at Personally Fit. I am a personal trainer and I teach the sports conditioning class to adolescent athletes. I love to share my knowledge and encourage our clients to attain their fitness goals. I also enjoy cooking my mother and grandmother’s recipes for the Personally Fit celebrations. Yes, the staff and clients have parties and socialize because we see each other more as family and friends than business associates.