Self-Defense class returns to Personally Fit on September 9, taught by 6th degree black belt Richard Lyles. If you want to learn simple, reliable principles to escape from an attacker and allow you to reach safety, you must attend this class – sign up today!

And hey, in honor of school starting, don’t forget to grab an apple when you come to the gym this week!


Willpower is a limited resource. Change your habits instead.


You’ve heard us talk about a “compound” exercise, right? A compound exercise targets multiple muscle groups, which gives you more bang for your strength-training buck!

Compound exercises help you do more in less time, and you know we’re all about efficiency. And they more closely mimic day-to-day life, since most everyday activities involve moving multiple muscles.


We love Greek yogurt – great for protein intake and its heart healthy. Unfortunately, the flavored kind is loaded with sugar.

Strategy: Buy the plain flavor and add fresh fruit, almonds, or some extra protein to flavor the yogurt and up its nutritional punch.

Just for this week

Focus on your mindset. Each week, including this one, you have a new opportunity to make fitness a priority in your life. Make some simple choices. Schedule your fitness for the whole week.

And sneak fitness into your daily life – take the stairs, carry a bottle of water with you, park farther away from your destination, grab a piece of fruit instead of a sweet.

You can do this!