However, most people say they want to lose some weight and get in shape, but when they feel some discomfort, they quit.

Look at your life when you overcame a major financial, physical, or mental challenge. Going without so you could save for your first house. How about training for a sport when you were younger or trying a new activity that scares the daylights out of you.

Remember how hard that challenge was. How uncomfortable you felt, maybe even how you wanted to quit in the middle of it. But you didn’t – you pushed through and because of it, you are a stronger, better, and more insightful person.

And most importantly, you can point to that challenge and say I did that and survived that. Hang on to that feeling.

Let’s challenge ourselves to exercise regularly, eat better and maybe even do to the point of being a bit uncomfortable. Remember, we need to challenge to grow, improve, and change. Without discomfort, we would stay the same forever.

Life will always challenge you, but facing these challenges becomes a lot easier when you can challenge yourself.

What are you going to do to challenge yourself this year?

Remember: Action is the decider!
Coach Chris