So this is the last week of April and at the beginning of the month, we talked about how each month is a new opportunity to set new goals and how you can think yourself through one day at a time, one week at a time, building on small successes to reach larger goals.

So with May coming up next week, we come back around to new goals. We pick ourselves up from whatever happened in April and move forward.

I often get asked, “What is the best supplement to help me lose weight?” Or “Should I do a low carb diet? Does protein give you energy? My vegan friends are thin. Should I switch?”

Now sometimes these questions are asked by people training with us, people who are on the path but may be distracted by the next shiny object. (Sometimes these questions do come from people who know better and have been training for years. Someone recently tried to prove to me how their “cereal” was low carb.)

But more often, I’m asked by people who are NOT actively trying to eat healthy or get regular exercise. And I understand where it’s all coming from because with a large percentage of the US population obese or over-fat, there’s a significant industry out there trying to provide the latest and greatest, quick fix solution. So the questions come from everyone and everywhere.

I love to explain the science behind eating more protein, why fibrous veggies are important, how certain supplements may help you be more insulin sensitive, and how proper strength training is the best way to get lean, but often, my words fall on deaf ears.

But hear this! If you need to lose weight and want a nearly effortless diet, check out this 21-day plan from Dave Tate, who is a well-respected strength and conditioning coach.

21 Days to Simple Fat Loss

This is a deceptively simple plan, because there are just 7 steps, but each step must be done for 21 days straight. If you can’t do a particular step, then go back to Day One and start over.

1. Eat breakfast
2. Eliminate all refined sugar from your diet.
3. Drink more zero calorie fluids.
4. If you drink alcohol, drink 50% less.
5. Reduce carbs by a few bites per meal. So if you usually eat a sandwich and fries, don’t eat all the fries. (And if you do, it’s okay – but go back to Step One.)
6. Exercise 5 days/week for 30 minutes. The type of exercise doesn’t matter, just do something to get your body moving.
7. If you think it is not a good food choice, don’t eat it! And let’s face it – we all know loaded nachos are not better than a salad for an appetizer, right?

That’s it – a simple plan – I challenge you to start the first of May – maybe we can all do it together?
And here’s an article (Spring Foods to Help You Shed Your Winter Weight) on simple eating for spring – four foods that you can easily find in grocery stores:
• Strawberries
• Eggs
• Salad Greens
• Mushrooms
As always, the Personally Fit coaches are here to help you create a positive, supportive program to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Let’s finish strong for April!