Youth Conditioning

We work with youth athletes on conditioning.  Studies have shown that strength and conditioning training has a large number of benefits for these athletes, including:


  • Increased Speed
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Strength
  • Better Balance
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Nutrition and Food Choices

Increase Speed

Working with a personal trainer can help youth significantly improve their speed, and improve competitiveness at their chosen sport.  

This is particularly important in a world where so many athletes compete for athletic scholarships, and even small differences in performance can make a measurable and dramatic difference in their speed.

Improve Performance

Working with a personal trainer can help an athlete significantly improve their performance.  

Increase Strength

Youth who work out with a personal trainer can significantly improve strength, which in turn leads to improved performance, joint stability, and speed. 

Better Balance

Better Balance is just one of the many benefits that youth experience when working with a personal trainer.  This can improve their overall safety when playing, or just living life, as many activities of daily living require good balance. 

Improve Confidence

Improved confidence is another well-documented benefit of working with a personal trainer.  

Better Nutrition and Food Choices

Studies show that people who work out with a personal trainer- particularly youth- make better food choices, and have substantially better nutrition. Since food is the fuel that drives our bodies, better nutrition leads to improved speed, strength, and performance in sports and in life. 

Poor nutrition has been strongly correlated with worse performance overall.  Since nutrition education is built into our personal training routine, our clients naturally learn ways to sustainably improve their nutrition over time.