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We’re different.

When you first walk in the door, we might look like JUST a gym. What you will quickly discover is that every client is welcomed like family. You’re greeted by name, introduced to other clients, and your needs are met. Whether you are a world-class athlete needing to brush up on some fitness training, or recovering from surgery, and just starting your weight loss journey, we meet you where you are.

We focus on functional mobility and strength training, enabling you to become more fit without leaving you in pain, or sore. We pride ourselves on evaluating your fitness levels, and then helping you achieve your goals, without torture, pain, or soreness. Instead, you leave feeling better than when you walked through the door.

What We Offer

Our clients become our family, and we take care of them like family. We offer a range of fitness classes, training, and nutritional coaching for our clients, to ensure that their needs are well met and expectations are exceeded.

  • Simple, Easy & Effective
  • Get Results
  • Stay Motivated
  • Get Educated
  • Build Muscle
  • Increase Energy
  • Gain Mobility
  • Improve Confidence

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Matt Yablunowsky

The name says it all. The attention I got from the husband and wife team of Chris and Leslye was truly the FIT (Focused Individualized Training) I’ve been seeking. Coach Chris heard my goals and showed me how to achieve them both in his gym and at my home.

Andrew Barringer

The staff here is incredibly friendly, attentive and genuinely interested in your fitness goals and helping you achieve them. I’ve been to a lot of “fad” gyms in the area that boast about being “fastest growing national gym” or claim “quick results.” In my experience, the lack of attention you get can quickly turn to injury. It was refreshing to enter a gym that is nothing like all the others. Honest, incredibly knowledgeable and extremely focused on their customers success.


Personally Fit has been the catalyst for the changes required for me to lead a healthier and happier life.

Prior to working out at PF I was a heart attack waiting to happen. With a high stress job that required 65 hours per week and 4 young kids at home my physical well being was suffering. My clothes were baggy because I could not find clothes that fit. I was stressed and my outlet was to consume non healthy foods.

Since working out at PF I have a better outlet-my workouts. My stress level has subsided.
I am proud of my physical condition and my clothes fit better and I feel less like a slob. I have lost 25 lbs and maintained that loss for several years while radically increasing my muscle mass.

Coach Chris and his team also emphasize the mental approach to healthier living in the form of preparation and general awareness of habits . Planning meals, eating slowly, monitoring water intake, encouraging better sleep habits, and using better posture are all part of mental element provided by PF.

I would highly recommend
that anyone who is ready for a lifestyle change toward better health to give Personally Fit a try.

Gail Kenyon

My husband and I have been going to PF for over 6 years. This is longer than either of us have lasted at any gym in our lives (and we are seniors). Personally Fit suits our needs and our nature perfectly. We get expert trainer advice, personal attention and a really good workout. It is an intimate gym. We know many of the other clients and it has a family atmosphere. This relationship keeps us going regularly and we have both seen the benefits of that. Don’t like to workout but know you need to? This is the perfect place for you. We love it.

Jim Collier

towards realistic fitness goals designed for a longterm healthy lifestyle. The crew is personable, upbeat, and spend time getting to know each of their clients and providing the proper coaching to get the maximum results. This is not a gym full of weight slingers but a team of fitness professionals that can work with you to get results in a healthy, wholistic way. Highly recommended!

Tomas Cernansky

As a health care professional with a physically & mentally demanding job as well as an athlete, I have many excellent reasons why I highly recommend Coach Chris and his team at Personally Fit. Coach Chris is one of Raleigh’s most accomplished and reputable personal trainers with over 30yrs of experience in working with people with various needs. In his gym he offers a safe, highly effective and custom tailored approach to personal training in an environment that is friendly, attentive, highly motivating and yet relaxed. Based on my personal experience in training with Coach Chris, I feel confident in referring my clients to him regardless if they are – looking to reintroduce a safe, fun and effective workout regiment into their busy daily lives, or – If they have a need for rehabilitative exercise program aimed at recovering from injuries and preventing reinjuries, or – Even for performance athletes who need to get into top shape… Coach Chris will design a custom tailored, fun and effective workout routine that will you enjoy to perform in his gym’s , professional , exciting yet friendly-relaxed atmosphere