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Training With Personally Fit Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For!

When you walk through the door at Personally Fit, you immediately discover that we are like family.

Every client is welcomed like a long-lost friend and welcomed into the studio.

We focus on taking care of our clients’ needs, and bringing them the latest research so that they can meet their fitness and health goals.

“Leslye, Chris, Dawn and Ashley are with you every step of the way and provide comprehensive guidance towards realistic fitness goals designed for a longterm healthy lifestyle. The crew is personable, upbeat, and spend time getting to know each of their clients and providing the proper coaching to get the maximum results. This is not a gym full of weight slingers but a team of fitness professionals that can work with you to get results in a healthy, wholistic way. Highly recommended!” ~ Jim Collier
“I have had the great pleasure of exercising there for 6 years. They are all incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and are able to tailor things to your individual goals. Everyone there is incredibly supportive and will push you to do your best in all aspects of life. I am only where I am today because of the commitment they have to helping people grow. You get so much more than just a place to exercise when you come here and that can make all the difference sometimes.” ~ Brendan

Training with Personally Fit Is The Answer You Are Looking For

Walk in the door as a stranger, and leave as family. 

My husband and I have been going to PF for over 6 years. This is longer than either of us have lasted at any gym in our lives (and we are seniors). Personally Fit suits our needs and our nature perfectly. We get expert trainer advice, personal attention and a really good workout. It is an intimate gym. We know many of the other clients and it has a family atmosphere. This relationship keeps us going regularly and we have both seen the benefits of that. Don’t like to workout but know you need to? This is the perfect place for you. We love it.
Gail Kenyon

The best individualized training gym in town.
Being a health professional and a fitness enthusiast, I constantly search for efficient & impactful exercise protocols (…and suggestions for healthy living habits) that are tailored to my lifestyle.
I highly recommend Personally Fit and Coach Chris’s team , because they offer a customized and results driven approach to their clients’ health and/or wellness needs.
The gym is very well equipped and offers a professional, supportive and fun atmosphere.
Regardless if you are looking to improve your athletic performance or address your health & well being, Personally Fit is the right place for you.
Tomas Cernansky

The trainers at Personally Fit coached me (and continue to coach me) with great knowledge, passion and love for what they do! With their support, their strength training methods have completely transformed my body and the way I think about food + fitness. I highly recommend Coach Chris and his team to help you discover your fitness or health goals, then guide you to meeting them!
Caitlyn Noble