Builds Muscle

At Personally Fit, we focus not just on athletes, but also on helping people reach their optimum levels of functional fitness.  That means that our clients are able to do more, and live a better quality of life.  Whether it’s improving mobility, strength or flexibility, we are here to help you improve your Functional Fitness levels!

Personal training has a large number of benefits to you.  It has been scientifically shown to  increase and build muscle, which has a number of health benefits, including increasing weight loss, decreasing joint pain, lowering anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, lowering blood sugar, and it also helps to improve your nutrition and food choices.

By working with our clients to increase muscle mass, it helps increase the number of calories burned per day, which in turn increases weight loss.  Studies have consistently shown that working with a personal trainer can improve energy levels. By having more energy, and feeling better, many of our clients enjoy a better quality of life.  

Personal Training has been shown to lower anxiety and stress in many people. By working with a personal, private trainer, many of our clients see improvements in not only performance, but also quality of life, by reducing anxiety and stress and can help significantly lower blood pressure in many clients. 

Working with a personal Trainer has been shown to help clients reduce blood sugar.  Since stabilizing blood sugar has been shown to improve health overall, this can be a tremendous win for many clients.  As a bonus, clients who reduce blood sugar, many times see better A1C numbers, and are able to thus reduce medications that they are taking.

Many clients have noted improved nutrition and food choices when working out with a personal trainer.  This in turn leads to all of the other benefits listed above.  Since all of the benefits of working with a personal trainer are cumulative, they help clients improve their quality of life, and enjoyment of their lives as well.

Increases Weight Loss

Decreases Joint Pain

Lowers Anxiety and Stress

Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers Blood Sugar

Improves Nutrition and Food Choices